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Does the Shannon entropy of stock returns change over time?

Shannon entropy, $H(X) = -\sum_{i=1}^n p(x) \ln p(x)$ is a probabilistic measure of randomness or disorder within a random variable's probability distribution or histogram. If we take rolling window ...
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Mean-EVaR efficient frontier

Entropic Value-at-Risk (EVaR) is an alternative and more efficient risk measure than conditional Value-at-Risk (CVaR). EVaR serves as an upper bound to both VaR and CVaR. Below is a graph of the mean-...
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What are the advantages of $EVaR$ over $CVaR$?

$CVaR$, which is short for Conditional Value-at-Risk, has long been accepted by both academe and practice as a good coherent risk measure. Entropic value-at-risk ($EVaR$) is a comparative new coherent ...