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Structuring and Customization

It seems complex derivatives in particular exotic options are not available at any retail broker. Can a regular retail trader get access to these instruments? Maybe through prop firms or banks? ...
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Valuation of Corridor Variance Swaps

Given that the payout of the Corridor Variance Swap (CVS) is $V \left(\frac{\sum_{n=0}^{N}I}{T_2 - T_0} (\sigma^2 - K^2) \right)$, where $\sigma^2$ is the realized variance within the pre-specified ...
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Delta-Hedging Exotic Options

I have already figured out that Delta-hedging essentially turns European options into volatility products where you pay implied vol and get paid realized vol for long positions and you pay realized ...
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Pricing of a Forward-start option in a Black-Scholes framework

I have read the pricing procedure of a Forward-start option in a Black-Scholes world in Musiela-Rutkowski, but I don't find their proof clear (pp. 195-6). Let me summarize their argument: Consider ...
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For pricing, what types of Exotic Options are suitable using Local Volatility Model or a Stochastic Volatility Model?

I understand that stochastic volatility models should be used when the exotic option payoff is volatility dependent (such as variance swaps and volatility swaps). Stochastic volailtiy models should ...
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Derivation of the formulas for the values of European asset-or-nothing and cash-or-nothing options

The asset-or-nothing European option pays at t = T the value of the stock when at time T that value exceeds or is equal to the exercise price E, and nothing if the value of the stock is below E. So, ...
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How to simulate a jump-diffusion process?

I would like to price Asian and Digital options under Merton's jump-diffusion model. To that end, I will have to simulate from a jump diffusion process. In general, the stock price process is given ...
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How to price a phoenix and snowball type autocallable options?

I'm currently studying the pricing of autocallable options, especially snowball (accumalated coupon) and phoenix (accumlated coupon, but the coupon may also be autocalled if the underlying price ...
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Can we use Black-Scholes to price path dependent options?

I know that we can use the Black-Scholes framework to price vanilla products like a European call or put, where the payoff only depends on the share price at maturity. But can we use it to price path ...
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What Positions on an Underlier CANNOT be Hedged with Vanillas?

Say I have infinite precision of strikes $K$ (continuous world $dk$) and expirations $T$ (continuous $dT$) all with liquidity (so no practical limitations). What positions in an underlying can't be ...
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Pricing an Option with payoff $\left(1-\frac{K}{S_t}\right)^{+}$

Let $S_t=S_0 \exp\left\{rt+0.5\sigma^2t+\sigma W_t\right\}$ be the usual GBM model for a Stock price under the money-market numeraire. Suppose we want to price an option with payoff at maturity: $C_T=(...
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Average Strike Option with bounds

I'm looking to price a call option with an exotic feature. The price I'm trying to calculate at time $t=0$ is \begin{equation} C = E^\mathbb{Q}[(S_T-K_T)^+] \end{equation} where $S_t$ is the stock ...
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Barrier Reverse Convertible

I am a finance student and during my free time I try to understand more financial products. Today I have found a term sheet for a specific type of barrier reverse convertible but I couldn't understand ...
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