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Securities which obligate the borrower/issuer to make payments on a fixed schedule. Fixed income securities include sovereign, corporate and municipal bonds, corporate loans, and securitized lending (e.g., ABS). "Fixed" refers only to the schedule of obligatory payments, not the amount, and may include inflation linked bonds, variable-interest rate notes, and the like.

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Can one use options on Treasury futures to hedge a portfolio?

Can one use options on Treasury bond futures to hedge a typical fixed income portfolio? If so, how can one estimate the duration for an option on a Treasury futures contract, and taking this a step ...
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Do bond credit ratings suffer from "ratings inflation"?

A friend of mine who studies game theory suggested that credit ratings from the bond ratings agencies, such as Moody's, S&P, and Fitch, may suffer from a sort of "ratings inflation" similar to the ...
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How to get list of all CUSIPS/ISIN?

I want a list of all CUSIPs/ISINs. It would be nice if they were also categorized (e.g. Bonds/Funds etc). Where can I get such a data?
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What is the basis risk between cash and futures government bonds?

I am currently working in a team responsible for maintaining a simple risk application for our bond desk and I am interested in knowing how to provide some sort of basic basis risk metric. Our desk ...
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How to reconstruct a discontinued economic time series such as the Fed's CP rate?

The old 3-Month Commercial Paper Rate (CP3M) on FRED was discontinued in 1997. I would like to reconstruct this series in a reasonable fashion, so I can use it to analyze more recent events. I was ...
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Closed-form formula for approximate maximum duration of a bond?

In teaching myself about bonds, I am writing some software, one piece of which will calculate the maturity of a bond given the yield curve as a function and a requested duration. The tricky part is ...
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1 answer

What are some simple algorithms for hedging vanilla bonds?

My team will soon be implementing an auto hedger for our bond trading desk which will be integrated tightly with our risk application and I am interested in researching how this may work. Any advice ...
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Do people use unbounded interest rate models, and what alternatives exist?

A simple interest rate model in discrete time is the autoregressive model, $$ I_{n+1} = \alpha I_n+w_n $$ where $\alpha\in [0,1)$ and $w_n\geq 0$ are i.i.d. random variables. When working with ruin ...
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Is duration additive? $C_{newDur}=A_{fundDur}w_{a} + B_{fundDur}w_{b}$?

Suppose quantified duration (like Macaulay duration with changing intervals) $Dur = \frac{\sum t_{i} PV_{i}}{\sum PV_{i}}$ and two funds having durations $D_{a}$ and $D_{b}$. You own them in the ...
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Modified Durations of Different Noncallable Bonds and function of Maturity

I'm hoping someone could help me understand this subject better. Basically I am reading a book and it shows a table ...
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How do bond pricing formulae differ between the US, UK and the Euro zone?

Let's restrict the scope of the question a little bit: I'm interested to learn about major differences in pricing formulae for nominal government bonds. The pricing formulae for inflation-linked bonds ...
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Does the debt load affect the volatility of equity?

Does the debt load of a company have an impact on the stock price of a company and its volatility? Also, how does the market react to the announcement of a company issuing bonds?

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