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Interpolating FRA curves for MPC dates

I have data for all the "white" FRAs with 3m fixings in a given market, i.e., 1x4 up to 9x12 and all the central back MPC meeting dates over the next twelve months. What is the recommended ...
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Forward Skew using constant smile rule

IV1 = IV of far month. IV2 - IV of near month. f(1,2) = Forward volatility between the two expiries. dx = difference between Strike volatility and ATMf volatility of IV2 column. As per the method ...
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forward starting interest rate swap trade settlement date

Say today is 13rd Dec 2022, For a spot staring swap, its settlement date would be 15th Dec 2022 assuming the settlment offset is 2 days. What is the settlement date for a one year forward starting ...
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Price of a forward delivery bond - Quantlib python

I would like to find the bond price today which has already been issued but delivered later. Basically, the price won't include some of the coupons till the delivery date. Let's say 10 year bond ...
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Show that a forward starting option has 0 delta, and no sensitivity to volatility until the strike is determined

I need to show that the payoff: $([(S_{T2}-S_{T1})/S_{T1}]-k)^+$ a. Has 0 delta b. Has no sensitivity to quadratic variation of the underlying till $T_1$ Additionally, I would like to know for what ...
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Question about pricing forward start option with Heston Monte Carlo

I'm trying to price a forward start option with payoff $\Big(\dfrac{S_{T_2}}{S_{T_1}}-1\Big)^+$ with Heston Monte Carlo. Heston Model: $$ dS_t = rS_tdt + \sqrt{v_t}S_tdW_t^1$$ $$ dv_t = \kappa(m-v_t) +...
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Swaption on Forward-Starting Swap "Replication"?

Lately I was thinking about forward-starting swaptions vs. options on forward-starting swaps a bit, and I started wondering about the following: Suppose we are at time $T_0$ (today) and we want to ...
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Is the implied volatility different for forward starting caps?

Suppose we know (from looking at an available volatility surface) the implied volatility (flat volatility) of a cap with a maturity of 10 years and strike of 1%. This would correspond to a cap that's ...
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Multiple max/min forward start option

I want to calculate the price at $t$ for such payoff at $T$ $$\max(S_T,S_{T_0},C),$$ $$\max\left(S_T,\min(S_{T_0}, C)\right),$$ $$S_T -\min(S_{T_0}, C),$$ $$t<T_0<T.$$ Is there any way or ...
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Skew and shadow delta

The presence of skew causes a correlation between volatility and spot. This correlation produces a negative shadow delta for all forward starting products (forward starting options have a theoretical ...
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How to price a forward struck contract today by changing from a $T>T'$ forward measure to $T'$ forward measure at time $t<T'<T$?

Suppose that the payoff of some contract is $V_{T}=S_{T}-S_{T'}$ where $T'<T$ and we want to value the contract at time $t<T'$ (the situation where this arises could be a total return swap, ...
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Why buy/sell a forward starting option?

More precisely, in equity markets, why would one prefer to buy a forward starting option over a vanilla option ? What about the selling side ?
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