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For futures contracts, instruments which compensate the trader for price changes, may be used to hedge price risk (i.e. lock in a price), and are in zero net supply, standardized, exchange-traded, margined, marked-to-market, netted, and centrally-cleared.

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How can one compute the Greeks on VIX Futures

I am guessing the short answer to this question is "use the chain rule and linearity of the derivative," but I am looking for more specific advice on how to compute the derivatives of a VIX futures ...
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Can one use options on Treasury futures to hedge a portfolio?

Can one use options on Treasury bond futures to hedge a typical fixed income portfolio? If so, how can one estimate the duration for an option on a Treasury futures contract, and taking this a step ...
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What is the basis risk between cash and futures government bonds?

I am currently working in a team responsible for maintaining a simple risk application for our bond desk and I am interested in knowing how to provide some sort of basic basis risk metric. Our desk ...
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How to incorporate technical indicators into neural networks?

I plan to develop a neural network to trade commodities futures, but while messing around with some code, a question came up. If I understand correctly, people use various technical indicators with ...
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Did farmers really buy options on the CBOE? [closed]

I recently become interested in finance. Many books discuss options as simple examples of derivatives. I also read some "popular books". I read in "The Poker Face of Wall Street" that almost no ...
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Can the futures market's open interest predict commodity, treasury, and equity returns?

I came across this article and became curious. Can the futures market's open interest really predict market action?
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Price of Brent versus West Texas Intermediate

As of right now, the price of Brent Crude is $\$$111.59/bbl and the price of WTI Crude is $\$$98.36/bbl. I'm well aware that futures markets don't set the spot price for oil, but actual supply/...
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Need advice on finding forward spot rates

So this is a "work homework" question. As part of my job they are sending us through sort of a training course. I'm looking for advice, or a link to a site that explains how to do this with ...
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What is a good broker for HFT?

Currently I trade trough IB. I run my HFT strategies (100 roundtrips per hour) but I think that latency is killing me and my profits are shrinking. I need the fastest possible brokers out there which ...
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Where to find Greeks for futures to form delta-hedged futures portfolio of S&P 500 index/futures

I can't find S&P 500 index (SPX) futures data with Greeks to create delta-hedged portfolios. Do these data exist? I have access to most of the common data sources. In the meantime, I am trying to ...
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Is there a standard method for getting a continuous time series from futures data?

I would like to be able to analyse futures prices as one continuous time series, so what kinds of methods exist for combining the prices for the various delivery dates into a single time series? I am ...
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How to execute a large futures order?

I am currently trading futures products on some contracts that have low volumes. More accurately, the volumes of working orders in the book are fairly light. I am trying to execute a relatively large ...
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