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How do you identify nondeliverable swap

what is unique about NDS transactions, how can I identify them using certain parameters or attributes specific to NDS?
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FX Call under stochastic rates and deterministic volatility

Lets denote $S_t$, $r^d_t$,$r^f_t$ respectively the FX spot, the domestic rate and the foreign rate at time $t$. Lets $\mathbb{Q}^d$ , $\mathbb{Q}^f$ respectively be the domestic and foreign mesures,...
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FX quoting convention

I saw the quote as this: EUR/USD 1m ATM 0.3150/0.3190. I guess these are vol levels. What the units of these bid and offer quoted?
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Extreme AUDJPY FX vols

I'm seeing levels of -12% of market strangle vol at 25 delta for AUDJPY at 20Y onward that is causing havoc with my pricing routines, the 10 delta market strangle is trading around -6% which is again ...