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Is there a relationship between Risk Neutral Pricing framework and Nash Equilibria?

Based on the Fundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing, the risk neutral price of a contingent claim on an asset in a liquid, arbitrage free market can be determined by switching to an equivalent $Q-$ ...
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Game theory and antagonistic games in trading

In one of the topic here, particularly in the comments, i saw a link to the page describing connection between Antagonistic Games and finances but i cannot find it now and would appreciate if somebody ...
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Market Making Card Sum Game

I am preparing for an interview with a prop trading firm and wanted to discuss potential strategies for the classic market making games. I have seen similar posts on the forum, but a lot of the ...
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How can a top-of-the book market maker protect itself from exploiting?

Let's consider there is an instrument N traded on a single venue (centralized anonymous limit orderbook). Let's say that most taker orders are tiny, therefore the one who stays at the best bid/offer ...
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Mechanism design in continuous time models

I am interested in mechanism design and information design. Is there any part of the literature in financial mathematics that is associated with them. I mean could we bring somehow these topics under ...
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An example that mixes the stock market, game theory and linear programing

First of all i am not entirely sure if this is the correct place to discuss this problem but i shall give it a try. I'm currently doing an assignment for a degree in Linear Programing. My objective ...
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How can I know the distribution of how many shares were bought in specific price?

Given a stock and any time $t$, is there a way to find the distribution $f_t$ $$f_t: \text{price}\ p \rightarrow \text{in current time $t$, how many shares were bought in price $p$}$$ For example, a ...
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