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How to get real-time data for Fama-French model?

For Fama-French model we need SMB (small[market cap] minus big) and HML (high[book-to-market-ratio] minis low). I want to ...
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Where do I get historic performance data of the MSCI World Growth/Value index

I'm looking for a free data source of historical performance data of the MSCI world Value- and Growth index. The data should be calculated with reinvested dividends.
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1 answer

Open source equity/bond index data

I have been using the tseries package of R (get.hist.quote) to get historical quotes for various indices from yahoo finance. I am interested in DAX, VDAX, EB.REXX ...
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What is the better representative of a P-B ratio for a sector?

What is a better representative of a P-B ratio for a sector, for using it as a factor to predict future returns on that sector? The market weighted average of P-B for all names in that index, or ...
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What are the volatility Indices for different asset classes? Particularly fixed income & RE? [duplicate]

As a part of my self learning process, I'm trying to gather the list of volatility indices for all major asset classes. Equity: CBOE VIX (US), VSTOXX (EU), ?? (UK), ?? (JPY) Commodities: ?? Interest ...
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CDX index versions after series maturity

Can someone explain the situation when the next version of some CDX index is created after index maturity, so the version is created, but that version is not being traded as series already matured? ...
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Finding historical data for indices [duplicate]

Where can I find historical data for option prices on a given index ? Ideally I'd like to find for a period of several months 1) historical prices on options on a given index 2) historical prices on ...
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Mixed-integer programming approach for index tracking

Suppose you currently own a portfolio of eight stocks. Using the Markowitz model, you computed the optimal mean/variance portfolio. The weights of these two portfolios are shown in the following table:...
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