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Difference between 5Y breakeven inflation and 5Y5Y inflation forward?

I cannot figure out the difference between the two data series found here: The 5Y breakeven inflation, to my ...
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Quantlib : Valuation of inflation swaps of EUR-RPI using quantlib python?

Below is the sample code to compute the inflation swaps. I have referred the Quantlib cookbook to get the flavor of Inflation swaps. But I feel that the term structure and final NPV is not accurate ...
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3 votes
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Which is the "correct" 5Y5Y Inflation Expectation on Bloomberg, and what are the differences?

When the market talks about 5Y5Y expectation, is it referring to FWISUS55 Index, or G0169 5Y5Y BLC2 Curncy on Bloomberg? I ...
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How To Account For Inflation Over Historical Data

I believe inflation is greatly affecting my sample data, even when using percent-changes for movements. I have read this post, which recommends the formula ((Current-Base Year CPI) * Price) / (...
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