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Questions about Interactive Brokers, a retail brokerage, and its API for automated trading.

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IbPy download historical price data

How can i download historical price data from interactive brokers using IbPy and python?
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How to get positions of your portfolio from Interactive Brokers with python IBPy?

I am using IBPy to get the positions of my portfolio. I understand that I can do: ...
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Downloading Data from Interactive Brokers using IbPy

I am trying to download data from Interactive Broker using the code below and I am able to create the connection with the Trader Work Station (I get a "True" after ...
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Market data for options

Looking for recommendations on places to get market data for options. I'm looking at NYSE and NASDAQ only. My current solution is my broker, Tradeking. I can request realtime data for 700 option ...
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InteractiveBrokers server outage every Saturday

I am fetching some historical data from Interactive Brokers with their API. But I got a bit of annoying their HongKong history data server ('hkhdm' in the connection status window) get disconnected ...
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run time error 424 in IB TWS Excel DDE API; failed to add combo orders

I'm using an Excel DDE to connect to Interactive Brokers TWS via their API 9.72 sample, excel 2013. When I tried to create a combo order, the rum error code 424 said "object required". It seems that ...
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IP API Active X for Excel refresh rate

I have been working on the EXCEL DDE sample worksheet and works fine and now I would to upgrade to ActiveX instead of DDE as I heard it is more robust but I found the refresh rate of ActiveX is even ...
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IB with R which package?

I want to implement my models in R and trade according to them with my IB account. Now I am wondering, how I should solve this problem? Do I need to program with C an access (https://www....
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IB API quotes and speed

The title says it all. I trade futures options exclusively and wanted to see if anyone had insight into the quote speedsrobustness coming into the API. I'm using the Excel DDE right now just building ...
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What is the difference between the Interactive Brokers demo account and a personal paper trader account?

I'm interested in testing my trading strategy using the Interactive Brokers API for Trader Workstation. A demo account is provided to play with TWS for free, but if I fund a real account I will be ...
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IB TWS & API, without IB account?

I'll be starting a MFE grad program in Fall, and some of the classes have a lab that use the IB TWS & API. I'd like to play around with it for fun this summer. Unfortunately, I don't have an IB ...
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Does DOM trading using broker data make any sense?

Can I use DOM information from Interactive Brokers? Does it make sense? I assume that it makes sense to apply some volume based algorithms only then when you know this order book, that you can get ...
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Which brokers offer a Python stock trading API?

I would like to automate my trading strategies. My strategies are not high-frequency and are written in Python. I have a trading account in Interactive Brokers, and I know some non-official Python ...
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4 votes
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Does Interactive Brokers (IB) have a Web friendly API?

The requirement I am given is to implement a web ppplication which utilizes Interactive Brokers's API to fetch data. I went through the IB API web page and came across two viable methods: TWS and IB ...
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Utility to download historical Implied Volatility data from Interactive Brokers?

Does anyone know of a utility that can download historical Implied Volatility (IV) data from Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation?
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How should I store tick data?

How should I store tick data? For example, if I have an IB trading account, how should I download and store the tick data directly to my computer? Which software should I use?
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Option trading API other than Interactive Brokers

I'm looking for an options broker that provides an execution API. I'd like to ideally test on a papertrading version of it before connecting to a real execution engine. I know IB offers that, but they ...
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24 votes
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Is the Interactive Brokers API suitable for hft?

By HFT here I mean anything with holding period less than 5 to 10 minutes. Any empirical/anecdotal evidence of using it successfully on even higher frequencies?
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