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Questions tagged [learning]

Most questions with this tag are off topic. Please see the FAQ before posting. This site is intended for professionals and academics. Students: questions must be at a Master in Quantitative Finance level or higher.

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The end of risk-neutral valuation

Risk-neutral valuation grew out of BS constructing market-neutral portfolios of stocks hedged with options. It was a portfolio management problem. In less than a decade, pricing by arbitrage on a ...
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Learning resources - Any good websites for learning about quantitative finance with a focus on the underlying mathematics? [closed]

Typically when I have ventured into a new subject in my sparetime, I have been able to find an interactive website with reading materials, exercises and the like. To name a few there is https://...
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What do the existence and parameters of an efficient investment tell you about the value of a risk-free return?

I'm working on an unassessed course problem, Consider the following risky investments \begin{matrix} \text{name} & \text{expected return} & \text{standard deviation of return} \\ A & 9\% &...
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Summer Schools in Quantitative Finance

I am wondering if anyone could recommend a good summer school in quantitative finance/financial econometrics?
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2 answers

Best Online Course for Learning Quant Trading?

I've read through most of the intro resources on Quantopian, but I was wondering if anyone here has recommendations for online courses that focus on Quant Trading? I found one class called Algorithmic ...
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How to learn finance? [closed]

I have a background in programming of about 6 years. Now I decided to learn finance and trading as well. How can I get my foot in the door in that area?
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4 votes
3 answers

What are some of the best quantitative finance websites? [closed]

Not looking to start a debate. Just want to learn more about the field and am looking for some websites with high quality, informative content.
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Monty Hall Model

Given a fixed time period,say 3 days, the stock/market can go up,down or stay sideways. A hedge fund can long, short or use rangebound(options strategy) to bet for that 3 days closing level. Hedge ...
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Any recommendations for textbooks for an undergraduate course in mathematical finance? [closed]

I'll teach an introductory course on mathematical finance in the near future. The course is intended to entertain and broaden some well-prepared advanced undergrad mathematics majors, some physics ...
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Hobbyist Quants [closed]

I'm interested in investing some money in the stock market, and I have the math background that will make following the math used in quantitative finance possible (with some work). What are the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

On my way to becoming a Quant [closed]

I'm currently studying for my undergrad in CS, and considering to do a grad in both CS and Math. I would like to see what you guys would recommend to prepare myself for a field as a Quant. I am ...
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What blogs or articles online should I read to get started with quantitative finance?

I want to start learning quantitative finance, what articles or blogs should I look at to start? Also see the Related Question on Quantitative Finance Books
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26 votes
8 answers

What are some good technical and non-technical books for a math lover to get in to quantitative analysis?

To get the ball rolling... I will answer this question this evening For people aware & unaware I think it would be a great way to introduce the group, resources for fundamental knowledge & ...