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Market impact (aka price impact) is the bias induced on prices due to market activity like trading. Predictions of the price paid for an order which is large and will affect prices are estimates of market impact.

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How can we estimate new stock price after a large purchase?

Suppose someone buys $4bn of a particular stock over the period of a few weeks. Depending on how much that stock is being traded, you would expect that the price goes up in a visible way compared to ...
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Is there a standard model for market impact?

Is there a standard model for market impact? I am interested in the case of high-volume equities sold in the US, during market hours, but would be interested in any pointers.
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Market impact, why square root?

The standard method of market impact is the square-root formula \begin{equation} \Delta P = c \cdot\sigma \cdot \sqrt{\frac{n}{\nu}} \end{equation} where $\Delta P$ is the price change from executing ...
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Relation between price changes and trading volume (market impact)

It is quite a well-know phenomenon that trading volume has an impact on a stock price: the more you buy the higher is a price because of demand increment. I'm wondering about models that can describe ...
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Do markets typically fall fast, and rise slowly

I'm wondering if there is some measurement or name to this notion, i.e.: Markets typically fall fast, but rise slowly. It seems like this is the case -- get some bad news out of Europe on the debt ...
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