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What is the relation between the trend of log and linear in accumulative data?

From this discussion, I know when to use the log, but now I am wondering how to guess the trends of log graph of accumulative data based on linear accumulative data graph? For example, this table is ...
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When should we use “internal consistency” test?

From a paper of Gao, Whited, and Zhang (2021), I saw a paparagraph We deviate from this traditional specification in three ways: we examine only money held by corporations, we include real GDP growth ...
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Why and when we should use the log variable?

Normally, I see finance papers use the real ratios but log regarding non-ratio variables. For example, some papers used log(asset) or log(1+firm age) or log GDP, but regarding the ratio, they use the ...
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Pricing a TRS using the Projected method for the financing leg and the Accrual method for the asset leg

I've been wandering if would be possible to value a TRS I have in an unusual way. I would like use the accrual method for the asset leg, since the the asset leg is a long position in an equity and it ...
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Constant maturity futures price methodology

What is the correct methodology to compute constant maturity futures price. I've met in some papers that do the following. To create constant maturity synthetic futures prices with maturity $m = 30, ...
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basic econometric model on country spread methodology

I am doing some research on Germany, France and Spain on their spread. I would like to try to 'forecast' or 'explain' the the spread on sovreign debt using OLS regression on unemployment and debt ...
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How to measure the real interest rate using the consumer price index

I am examining how investor sentiment affects the probability of stock market crises. I am using methodology similar to this paper One of the ...
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Choosing an exchange rate in a macroeconomic panel data set

I am constructing an investor sentiment index to determine the impact of investor sentiment on stock market crises. I am following the methodology in this paper,
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How should we select efficiently orders parameters in time series modelling?

A common way to select orders parameters (ex: to choose the number of AR terms to be included in the model ) in time series modelling is to rely on some Information Criteria (AIC, BIC, Hannan Quinn..)...