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When should we use “internal consistency” test?

From a paper of Gao, Whited, and Zhang (2021), I saw a paparagraph We deviate from this traditional specification in three ways: we examine only money held by corporations, we include real GDP growth ...
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Pricing a TRS using the Projected method for the financing leg and the Accrual method for the asset leg

I've been wandering if would be possible to value a TRS I have in an unusual way. I would like use the accrual method for the asset leg, since the the asset leg is a long position in an equity and it ...
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FM regressions for size groups when examining a cross section of expected stock returns

When doing FM regressions for size groups similar to Lewellen (2015) (open access here), should I obtain the cross sectional rolling return window betas using only the size group? (E.g only use large ...
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Scaling variables (Fraction vs % vs log) when regressing twelve month returns

Dear Stack community, My question is the following; If my dependent variable is twelve month returns. And as independent variables I have fiscal year variables like ROA and log variables like the log ...
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Calculating Ex Post Sharp Ratio's for decile portfolios

Dear Stack community, I hereby would like to ask what the correct calculation is for calculating Ex Post Sharp Ratio's. If I am correct, I already know that I am supposed to divide the average excess ...
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