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When using periods that are not days, what is the usual quote that is used as input into the EMA calculation?

My current understanding of the EMA calculation with daily periods is to use as quote the closing price of each day: Day 0 - Take the closing price as Q0. EMA = Q0 Day 1 - Take the closing price as ...
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How are Fama French Factor Returns for the last 3 and 12 months calculated?

In the Fama/French data library the monthly research factors for the Fama-French-3-Factor-Model and the Fama-French-5-Factor-Model are presented. I don't see how they are calculating the factor ...
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how to convert quarterly data to monthly

Is there any way to convert quarterly data to monthly in excel or preferably in STATA? I Next to that, how can I transform dates in excel so as to be recognized by STATA?
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How to calculate the NPV (Net present Value) in this question? [closed]

A company pays £1,200,000 to purchase a property. The company pays £30,000 at the end of each of the next six months to renovate the property. At the end of the eighth month the company sells the ...
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Fama-French Data from daily to monthly returns

Ken French on his website publishes daily, monthly and yearly returns for the Fama-French 3 Factors model which are excess market (Rm-Rf), small-minus-big (SMB) and high-minus-low (HML) returns. I ...
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How Would You Categorize A Cap or Spread On A Monthly Sum Option?

I'm just trying to determine the appropriate naming convention for a category that holds cap or spread, or in other words, what category can I put cap and spread (in this context) into? Are they "...
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Monthly data for popular indices (constituents).

Trying to be concise: I am interested in the most popular indices (SP500, FTSE100, DAX30, CAC40, SMI30, etc). For each index I want to know its constituents in a monthly basis. For each constituent (...
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