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Onshore vs offshore curve construction

Can anyone guide me to links or literature regarding onshore vs offshore curve construction? What kind of instruments do you use? Take for CNH (offshore) (vs) CNY (onshore curves) for example: For CNY ...
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How do you identify nondeliverable swap

what is unique about NDS transactions, how can I identify them using certain parameters or attributes specific to NDS?
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NDF Point a good factor for the discount/premium of future prices

I am a bachelor student and I have to do a research paper for my finance class. I saw that some currency have NDF such as TWD, KRW, BRL. Therefore I imagine that the rate implied in this NDF is what I ...
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Calculation of annual yield for NDFs

I was wondering if someone can help me understand how to interpret the "annual yield" that is getting calculated below for NDFs. This is the way it's currently done in the place I work, but ...
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