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Now that Zipline is no longer being maintained. What back testing alternative would you recommend

I am building a self hosted stack so there has been a lot of trial and error in order to head off a headache or two I thought I would reach out for a group opinion. I am evaluating back testers and I ...
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Identifying the same company behind stocks traded in different exchanges (e.g. CUSIP and WKN in 1990ies)

I would like to merge two data sources with companies headquartered in Germany between 1980-2000, but listed in Germany and the US. One source identifies "German companies" by their CUSIP, the other ...
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Multithreading Monte-Carlo pricing in QuantLib for a single product

I've been actively using QuantLib for structured product pricing using Monte Carlo. Due to the fact that at a great deal of paths are often needed and one needs to speed up the calculation and all ...
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Market Profiling open source packages or tools

after reading the book Mind Over Market by Dalton I was wondering if there are any open source packages for Market Profiling (the technique developed by J. Peter Steidlmayer for representing price ...
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Historical Neighborhood Level Housing Data Source?

Quandl has neighborhood level housing data and a good API. Is there a way to use their API to get the same data from 2009? If not, is there another source for historical neighborhood level housing ...
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Quantmod alternative for pandas?

I love quantmod package in R but now I am slowly moving towards python using pandas for my trading experiments. I have searched a lot for quantmod alternative for python but sofar I was unsuccessful. ...
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3 answers

Open source software for stock screening and scanning using technical analysis?

I am looking for open source software which can download stock data (yahoo/google finance etc) and used for screening/scanning stocks using technical analysis, for example: return stock list if ...
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Open source code based on quandl for security analysis and options priming

Quandl seems to be an excellent source of wide range of free/open financial data. But is there an open source code or platform that uses the quandl datasets to perform security analysis and option ...
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Best way to do multithread Monte-Carlo in QuantLib

QuantLib has great facilities for Monte-Carlo pricing engines, classes McSimulation and MonteCarloModel do a lot of work. But they do it in a single thread. What is best way to introduce parallel run ...
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Opensource marketdata reference data for retail market

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this - but here goes: I have been working on a project for the last few years, during which I have come up with a set of components with the ...
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