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Questions tagged [order-execution]

Order Execution is addressing the way to interact optimally with other market participants.

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Where do i find the trade execution priority rules for special order types on continous auction markets

I'm looking for documentation on how trade execution is ordered on exchanges with non standard order types. Especially linked/contingent/stop type orders. Any exchange that implements these with ...
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Is this an optimal stopping problem?

I am trying to work out how to approach a machine learning problem of 'learning' an optimal liquidation time/threshold, under some conditions, from historic data. The idea is a trader armed with this ...
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Probability of getting a fill of a given size

Question is quite simple, what is the probability of getting a fill for: (i) a limit order of size - $s$ (ii) that is $\Delta$ away from the mid-price (iii) in the next $t$ minutes given ...
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MOC or TAS mechanism to trade stock options?

Wonder if anyone can help. Is there a product or mechanism to trade cleared stock options at the settlement price, in the same manner to Market on Close orders or Trade at Settle on commodity markets?...
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Markov Property in Optimal Execution?

After reading papers on reinforcement learning with respect to the problem of optimal execution (Nevmyvaka et al (2006), Ning et al (2018), etc), I was wondering if the Markov property assumed in all ...
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Competitive levels in Limit Order Books

I've been doing some research on electronic Limit Order Books (mainly equities) and I was wondering if anyone has seen a paper on how to compute competitive limit order prices. By competitive, I mean ...
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Why not to maximize Sharpe Ratio directly when computing optimal allocation of an order?

I was reading the following paper of Engle about balancing transaction costs performance and risk: He deals with finding the optimal placement of the child ...
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Guidance on Execution Algo Passive order placer?

Could someone help with any relevant literature about building an Execution Algo and things to consider and keep in mind for optimal passive order placements? There are basic algos like TWAP/VWAP/POV ...
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Reference for Aggregated Temporary Price Impact

I am wondering if someone knows relevant literature on the joint temporary price impact. The temporary price impact here refers to the difference between the best ask/bid price and transaction price ...
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Better to "work order" or just give best limit price when placing multi-leg option orders through IB with SMART routing

I place option trades usually consisting of 2-4 legs...mostly ratios spreads through IB using the SMART routing algorithm. Say for a particular trade, the bid is 0.04 debit and the ask is 0.17 debit. ...
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how to test OMS functionality via FIX?

Has anyone done app dev that tests OMS functionality ( FIX ) ? Do any brokers or other financial entities make test apis available ?
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How to debit user balance on market buy order?

Suppose that the user's balance is debited before his order is sent to the matching engine. The debiting is done to ensure that the user has sufficient balance and that he is not submitting orders ...
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Investment Bank VWAP Execution ranking

Is there a ranking of Investment Banks institutional VWAP execution algorithms anywhere (who beats the benchmark price most consistently and by how much)? Thanks
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Settlement/Spot/(bid ask spread) ratio

Are there any studies on the average difference or ratio between Settlement (execution price) and the Spot price dependant on lot size. I'm looking for a function such as ...
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Estimate the effect of a buy order on stock price

If a stock is having ask = 100$ for 100 shares Ask size, and I put a buy market order for 1000 shares, is there an approach to estimate that this buy order will move up the stock price by what %? I ...
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RFQ Engine design in Sell Side

I am new to the eTrading and RFQ world and am learning these applications / services used within sell-side orgs like Investment banks in some details. As Far as I know , the RFQ engine involves the ...
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Optimal order placement in limit order markets

I am reading the paper: because I want to split the target shares in market order book and limit order book. I have a question when it comes to page 10 ...
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Optimal trading given frequently delivered directional forecast

I am interest in trading by optimally exploiting a directional forecast given by an oracle. The oracle predicts directionally the price of an asset (higher or lower than at the moment of forecast ...
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Best practice to optimize trading price, once I've already decided to sell or buy in next few days

I'm investing in long term. By different means not related to this question, I've already decided that I want to buy or sell a particular instrument, but I'm not in such a hurry: I'm still allowing a ...
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