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How to calculate the Sharpe ratio for market neutral strategies?

Suppose I am long one stock and short an index in a ratio effectively making market beta as zero and I close the position with some positive P&L. How should I calculate the return for the ...
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Create optimal portfolio by Treynor and Jensens Alpha

I would like to know which formula to use in order to optimize a portfolio based on highest Treynor and Jensens Alpha. I am aware that usually one optimize a portfolio by highest Sharpe ratio (the ...
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Looking for C# library that provides/contains performance analytics

I am looking for a C# .Net library that provides trade performance analytics similar to R-PerformanceAnalytics. Basic return statistics, draw-downs, risk-adjusted returns, risk (variations), ...
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evaluating portfolio performance without knowing the amount held on cash accounts

I would like to evaluate the performance of a portfolio mananger. I know his trades, and the initial portfolio holdings. I do not know, however the amount held on his cash account. That is, I ...
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measuring the performance of round-trips on stocks

can you provide me with some ideas to assess the profitability of round-trips? That is when I buy 100 shares of IBM at 10\$ and I resell them two days later at 11\$, how can I measure the profit made? ...
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evaluation of volatility models using loss functions

This question has two parts, What is the state of the art in an academic or public knowledge sense of volatility forecast model evaluation? Since there are many methods out in the wild, and do ...
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Robust Returns-Based Style Analysis

Sharpe's Return-Based Style Analysis is an interesting theory but flawed in practice when working with long-short funds or funds that are changing strategies over shorter periods of time due to the ...
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Industry convention to track trading performance against market indices?

I come from a programming background and not am no quant by career so this is probably a newbie question for you guys. I have written some code to pull daily closing values for market indices (DOW/...
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Risk-free rate for ex-post evaluation of investment strategy

When evaluating the strategy ex-post using e.g. Sharpe ratio, what should one use as the risk-free rate? Let's suppose I am using a 1Y sample of weekly returns, sampled between 2012-01-01 and 2012-12-...
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t-statistics for the mean return, using Newey-West standard errors

I have seen that in several papers, where the aim was to evaluate the performance of a certain investment strategy, they use t-statistics to test for significance in the results. However, this seems a ...
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Computing the Sharpe Ratio

The building blocks of the Sharpe ratio—expected returns and volatilities—are unknown quantities that must be estimated statistically and are subject to estimation error. The main problem I have is ...
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Using alpha to evaluate trading strategy

I have a trading strategy that generates returns $R_{t}$. I want to test the strategy by looking at the alpha: $R_t - R_{f,t} = \alpha + \beta (R_{m,t} - R_{f,t}) + e_t$ I compare my alpha against ...
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performance attribution

I am trying to do some performance attribution for a few portfolios we manage. What I am trying to examine are three different sources of returns: The general asset allocation Security Selection The ...
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Measuring Behavioral Finance Effects in Fund/Portfolio Manager Analysis

I want to know if there are some standardized measures to evaluate how irrationally human a portfolio manager is. Are there any performance measures or scorings for behavioral finance effects? How "...
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How high of a Sharpe ratio is implausibly high for a low-frequency equity strategy?

I am looking to convince someone that an annualized Sharpe Ratio of 7 is 'extremely high' for a low frequency (daily rebalancing, say) long-short technical strategy on U.S. equities. I was hoping for ...
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How to annualize dividends paid at varying intervals?

I am attempting to write a function that will calculate the annualized rate of return for individual dividends made by illiquid investments. These dividends are paid at varying intervals and the ...
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What does leverage cost?

Let's say I've developed a strategy that always outperforms the S&P-500, let call it the "magic strategy". Now I should be golden. All I need is to always have the S&P shorted with the same ...
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Separating the wheat from the chaff: What quant methods separate skillful managers from lucky ones?

Fund managers are acting in a highly stochastic environment. What methods do you know to systematically separate skillful fund managers from those that were just lucky? Every idea, reference, paper ...
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