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Active risk management of private assets

It seems incredibly difficult to not only come up with a list of options for active risk of private assets (Private Equity, Private Credit, Infrastructure, Real Estate, etc.) but also get senior ...
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PCA analysis within Private Credit

A very broad question but nevertheless a important and difficult one. Within private markets (Private Equity funds, infrastructure funds and private credit funds) how should one do a risk-based PCA ...
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Can someone explain how the evaluation and execution through to post-acquisition portfolio management?

I am looking into Private Equity. As the topic says. I'm trying to understand the process behind the evaluation and execution through to post (and pre? if there is some) acquisition portfolio ...
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Concept of return for assets which don't have a well defined price

Much of financial theory seems to assume that assets have a price, for example the concepts of return or volatility. Is there any way to operationalize these concepts for assets which don't have a ...
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What is credit risk in a private equity portfolio?

If I am a private equity fund manager (e.g I have a portfolio consisting of direct private equity investments), what does credit risk mean in a practical sense for me? The usual issuer credit risk ...
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Funds Performance - Size Weighted (Negative Numbers)

I need to calculate the weighted median, average, sd of PE funds' returns. I weighted the sample according to the amount of committed capital of a fund, but I should consider negative products to ...
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