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Discrepancies in Percentage Change Calculations on TradingView: Why the Difference? [closed]

I've noticed some discrepancies in the way percentage changes are calculated on TradingView, particularly within the "Take Profit" menu. For example, when I input a current price of 181.44 ...
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How to calculate CAT-Bond Profit

I understand that a CAT Bond is supposed to be a high risk and high return for the investor and a risk transfer for insurer. But as the sponsor (the issuer of the bond), how can one calculate the ...
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Which base to use to calculate profit of sold product? [closed]

Let's say I want to sell shoes, which cost me 90€ in production, and I want to sell them with 20% profit. Do I calculate my selling price then with 90€ * 1,2 (profit is 20% of costs) or with 90€/0.8 (...
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Is interest income added to EBIT to calculate EBT? [closed]

I am preparing a financing model and in the template the EBT calculation is: EBT=EBIT - Interest Expense. However, I wonder if interest income (from keeping the money on the bank) should be added, i.e....
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Derivative Trade, Reserves and Profit and Loss Accounting

I am interested to know what the current market practice is around putting aside reserves around derivatives trades. If for example a trader sells a large derivative trade and the difference between ...
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Option P&L over time

I would like to compute the evolution of the P&L of an FX plain vanilla option. Unfortunately, I am not sure about the correctness of my reasoning. Let's imagine that I sell a 1W call option on a ...
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How to set VaR and other Risk Limits

I have read a lot of literature on how to calculate VaR and it's advantages and disadvantages. But I am struggling to find anything on how to set a VaR limit. For example, say if I am a Risk Manager ...
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How does a company increase its free cash flow? [closed]

I am new to the finance space. I read the goal of a company (Philips) is to increase its free cash flow to above 2 billion euros by 2025. I understand that free cash flow is the amount of disposable ...
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Strategy returns when increasing/decreasing a position

When analyzing the performances of a strategy, the profits are computed as the final balance divided by the starting balance. What happens if the quote quantity has changed in between ? For example, ...
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Most profitable PUT strike price in these times of high volatility?

At close 3/13/20 SPY was at 270.2, by close 3/16 it dropped to 239.41 ~ 8.8% drop... I'm looking at how to capitalize on these big swings with options. I'm backtesting option strategies and plotted ...
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