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Used for quantitative methods inspired by quantum mechanics or connected with quantum computing.

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Quantum Field Theory for Economics and Finance

Amazon suggested me this book with a very catchy title, especially to the ones, like me, who have a background in physics. Do you think it's worth reading? I haven't found any reviews yet, which makes ...
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Optimization on D-Wave quantum annealer (application in finance)

Does anybody know wheter any bank uses D-Wave quantum annealer for doing optimization? Quantum annealers are single purpose quatum computers used for optimization. They implement quantum simulated ...
14 votes
3 answers

Quantum Computing for Quantitative Finance

It's been a while that quantum computing is looked as the next step in computational science. I somewhat always tought we were decade aways from it's happening but it appears I was wrong: ibm-quantum-...
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Quantum Mechanics and Economics... What

I was reading this paper: Financial Turbulence, Business Cycles and Intrinsic Time in an Artificial Economy. The author has the model presented here: Quantum Evolutionary Financial Economics But I am ...
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