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Questions tagged [quasiprobability]

For negative probabilities and other violations of the Kolmogorov axioms

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How to get the probability of exercise call option in Black-Scholes model?

From Black-Scholes model, I'm trying to prove: $p(S_t>K) = N(d_2)$ No luck yet! Can anyone suggest a reference showing that how to obtain this equation? All I get is: $S_t = S_0e^{ (\mu-0.5 \...
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Detecting butterfly spread arbitrage for American options through European option prices

It's easy to demonstrate that if European option prices are concave with strike, then an arbitrage exists. For example, the risk-neutral probability density is the second derivative of European put ...
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Can the concept of negative probabilities be used to price a call option?

Edit: I'm a dumbass. The thing below is supposed to be just the motivation of asking. I want to ask for below and in general, hehe. Assume that we have a general one-period market model consisting of ...
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How can we have negative probabilities in finance? Can we have negative payments in bonds? If not, how else can we have negative probabilities?

In Half of a Coin: Negative Probabilities, the author mentions bond duration. Suppose we have payments at times $t = 1,2,...,n$ denoted respectively by $R_1, R_2, ..., R_n$ and the discount factor is ...
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