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What is the Radon-Nikodym derivative in the Heston model?

It is clear to me that $$ \frac{dQ}{dP} = e^{-\lambda W_T-\frac{\lambda^2}{2}T}$$ is the Radon-Nikodym derivative that defines the change of measure in the framework described by Black and Sholes. But ...
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Change of Numeraire formula

The general change of Numeraire formula gives the following Radon-Nikodym derivative: $$ \frac{dN_2}{dN_1}(t)|\mathcal{F}_{t_0}=\frac{N_1(t_0)N_2(t)}{N_1(t)N_2(t_0)} $$ I am able to derive this Radon-...
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