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Is there a noticeable difference in making scatter plots and regression models with tick-data or with candle data?

I am asking this question because I want to research some variables. An example is the RSI where the current RSI is updated every tick. This means that the value of the RSI is fluctuating a lot inside ...
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How to derive the half slope rule from asymptotic relation between implied and local volatility?

In their paper( BERESTYCKI, BUSCA, and FLORENT proved an asymptotical relation(for short maturity) between implied and local ...
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3 answers

Is there a copula that can estimate negative tail dependence?

I have encountered numerous copula estimators that can estimate time-invariant and time-varying linear and non-linear correlations on the interval $[-1,1]$, and these estimators are fully consistent ...
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Alternative ways to understand time-varying comovement between two time-series?

I have been looking into ways to better understand how the dependencies/correlations/etc between two time series can vary over time. I first thought about using a Kalman/particle filter over a ...
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Can we explain physical similarities between Black Scholes PDE and the Mass Balance PDE (e.g. Advection-Diffusion equation)?

Both the Black-Scholes PDE and the Mass/Material Balance PDE have similar mathematical form of the PDE which is evident from the fact that on change of variables from Black-Scholes PDE we derive the ...
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local price return and volume relationship

I wanted to see how the stock price and volume relationship is locally. So I tried ranking both the daily return (at day t) and volume (at day t) base on a 30 day rolling window with historical daily ...