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Does the Shannon entropy of stock returns change over time?

Shannon entropy, $H(X) = -\sum_{i=1}^n p(x) \ln p(x)$ is a probabilistic measure of randomness or disorder within a random variable's probability distribution or histogram. If we take rolling window ...
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The price of liquidity

We are currently in the US Treasury roll period when investors are rolling from the previously issued notes and bonds into the currently issued notes and bonds, aka "Rolling from Off-The-Runs to ...
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How to implement rolling granger causality

I am investigating two time series where the first is the daily closing stock price changes and the other is the daily changes in the PCE index. I want to investigate how much the PCE index explains ...
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Volatility of multimodal distribution of returns

Take $x_1, x_2, \ldots, x_T$ to be the price of a stock, indexed by $t=1, 2, \ldots, T$. Define rate of return at time $t>W$ for a window size of $W$ to be $$r_t = \frac{x_t - x_{t-W}}{x_{t-W}}$$ ...
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Rolling Hedge Performance

So I have Time Series data for Gas Spot and Futures Prices (first 6 front quarters and first 3 front years) from 2009-2019 and I want to evaluate the performance of a 3- year static hedge vs. 3- year ...
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Correct way to calculate the S&P500 average CAGR of earnings over 10 years rolling periods

Let's say we have only the following data for the earnings (e) and we calculated for each 10 years period the total earnings growth (G) and its Compounded Annual Growth Rate (AG) \begin{equation} \\...
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Estimating distribution of rate of return

Let $f[t]$ be the price of a stock at time $t$. We can calculate the rolling rate of return of the stock in a window of length $n$ by computing: $$r[t] = \frac{f[t] - f[t-n]}{f[t-n]}$$ $r[t]$ is ...
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