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Backtesting: what happens to real-executed order if mine fills instead?

I'm writing a backtester and using an order-by-order Nasdaq ITCH feed whilst testing it. Let's say the bid-ask spread is 100 @ 9-11 @ 100 My strategy inserts an bid order for 100 @ 10 and this ...
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Trading signal strength: [-1 to 1] or [predicted return]?

In the context of a backtesting engine, is it better to have strategy generate trade signals in the range from -1 to 1 or as exact predicted returns (e.g. -12% or 26%). The difference lies in how to ...
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how to avoid building a strategy that depends on very long trends

When I construct a strategy, it is easy to make subtle dependencies on trends that have existed for a long time. Sometimes it is legit to explicitly take advantage of the trends. For example, it has ...
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How to ascertain/establish certainty of a portfolio rebalancing strategy?

I created a portfolio rebalancing strategy, that I am currently paper trading with. It is, primarily, based on mean-reversion principle with a few rules in place, and geared towards cryptocurrencies, ...
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Relative Strength in Altcoins compared to Bitcoin

I trade stocks using relative strength analysis compared with S&P index. I was wondering if crypto traders do the same compared with Bitcoin price %change. These coins had a higher %gain than btc ...
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Cumulative returns are more correlated than non-cumulative

I was just comparing two daily returns series and noted that the correlation between them is a lot higher if they are cumulated (about .95 for cumulative returns, vs .15 for non-cumulative). I feel ...
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R squared of a good Trading strategy

What would you consider a decent R square value of a good trading strategy. I know R squared is not a good metric for judging trading strategies but still at an initial stage how do you decide to ...
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How to choose trades over time when capital is limited

Say I'm in the business of trading forward contracts. So at some point in time, I look at the markets, and determine a number of trades I could make. For each trade, I know the profit I expect to make,...
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Deviation in RSI indicator in comparison to the figure displayed by exchange

I'm trying to implement RSI in Python 3. However, there's a deviation in the RSI figure returned by my method and the figure displayed by the exchange. In some cases, the deviation is less than 1. But ...
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Is the self-financing condition necessary/"useful" in practice outside of replication/valuation?

I know that the need for a portfolio/strategy to be self-financing (the purchase of a new asset needs to be funded by selling of an older one/ones) is very helpful when attempting to price derivatives ...
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What are different types of response variable we can consider while developing quant model

I was trying to understand the response variables used in the quantitative trading/investing model development. This question may not look good but I searched on google and could not find results. ...
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Market neutral without short selling

Would it be possible to design a market neutral strategy without short selling? According to Investopedia: Market-neutral strategies are often attained by taking matching long and short ...
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Calculating basic win% of simple trend-following strategy?

I apologize if this isn't the correct place to post this. I'm not quite sure where else I should post on stackexchange. I'd like to preface this by saying I'm not actually planning on trading. This ...
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Best strategy for generating floats with minimum amount of risk

I'm looking for a way to get cash-in-hand in exchange for future obligation. For example, I can sell deep-in-the-money puts and buy out-of-the-money puts (for hedge) with expiration of 2 years, The ...
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