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Stress testing covariance

Going one level beyond stressed scenarios, to parameters e.g. for a VaR measure: what are the most common approaches for stressing a covariance/correlation matrix, especially taking portfolio exposure ...
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Stress Testing for VaR

I am trying to perform stress testing for VaR and have taken into consideration two methods:- 1. Sensitivity analysis 2. Historical scenario analysis. According to the Derivatives Policy group we ...
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What is selling intensity, loss intensity, and how can I calibrate them?

Thought asking around on a problem I'm currently facing. I have a hypothetical multi-asset portfolio of equities and bonds, on which I'm trying to measure it's liquidity risk in stressed periods. I've ...
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How to interpret DV01 in terms of PCA equivalent?

I have computed the PCs for daily changes in the UST yield curve over the last 5 years using the covariance matrix and can explain 94% of the variance using the first two components, which is good ...
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Core deposits forecasting in stress testing

I’m designing a stress test at a commercial bank. What are the advantages/disadvantages of forecasting core NMD deposits vs. total deposit balances?
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LP for max stress test

I'm trying to find a solution to the following problem: Assume a portfolio of $n$ zero coupon bonds mapped in risk by their respective DV01. Assume that the ZC portfolio created cannot exceed max and ...
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Does it make sense to calculate an option price in future (at t+1)?

Often I ask myself whether it makes sense to calculate the price of a Call at t+1 supposing for example that underlying asset does no move i.e. $S_{t+1} = S_{t}$ ...
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Multi objective optimization Swaption/Caplets joint Calibration

People suppose that we have a two asset type portfolio optimization (as Intrument Type 1 and 2). In the each portfolio refered by the instrument type there are 2 asset so we have four asset in total. ...
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Relationship equity and bond shocks of same issuer

I'm running some stress tests and I have data on equity shocks available. Is there a relationship which, for the same issuer, links the returns of the shares with those of the bonds issued?
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