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Matching of Symbols from Bloomberg and refinitiv , for OTC derivatives trade clearing

I have been researching on this Scenario , since few days : - Actually I have scenario , where we are dealing with OTC derivatives and BUY/SELL order can be punched in on different systems like Buy ...
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Symbol for the feasible set of portfolios in mean-variance analysis?

When we optimize some mean-variance efficient portfolio, it lies on the efficient frontier (blue line) which is considered superior to the feasible set of portfolios. The feasible set (red dots), on ...
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Where to get the stock universe?

Is there any way to reliably get a full list of symbols (in whatever format), for multiple exchanges (e.g. NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, JPX, HKEX and so on). Additional info (like sector, or symbols of listed ...
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Option symbology with reuters DSWS

I am trying to systematically extract option data at a certain date based on the underlying. Input: interchangeably ISIN/RIC/Mnemonic Output: list of underlying symbols, preferably mnemonics. I am ...
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