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PTP 10% Withholding [closed]

Apparently there's a new IRS rule that can be summarized as "starting January 1st, 2023, investors who are not U.S. taxpayers must withhold 10% of proceeds from the sale of PTPs (Publicly Traded ...
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Tax obligation in collaterised loan

Typically physical assets e.g. gold are held as collateral for corporate loan. In case of default, the holder of the corporate loan (i.e. bank) can liquidate the collateral asset held to recover the ...
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Why do we get a higher yield when we pay the interest at the end?(bonds)

I have an example where I show that if you pay the tax at the end of the bond period, the yield after tax is higher, but I am wondering if it is possible to give an explanation as to why it is like ...
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How do people transfer money to offshore accounts while avoiding any connection with that money? [closed]

I'm reading a book called "The Laundromat" about Mossack-Fonseca and The Panama Papers "scandal" (was it really a scandal;?). I understand the point of having an offshore company ...
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How is the present value of tax shield of constant and perpetual debt derived? [duplicate]

According to this site, the present value of tax shield of constant and perpetual debt is: corporate tax rate × interest payment ÷ expectd return on debt I understand the part about "corporate ...
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How do I calculate the real taxes paid from 10-K forms

I guess we are familiar with the discussion, whether companies especially tech companies are paying their due in taxes. There was the huge discussion of Amazon paying nearly no taxes, using loopholes ...
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Tax loss harvesting: Market ETF vs. Sector ETFs that add to the same

Seems like wash rule doesn't apply for a similar - but not identical - security. Like maybe Vanguard Total Stock ETF vs SPDR Total Stock ETF. Suppose I buy 5 to 10 sector ETFs. Maybe I make it so they ...
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How is the pre-tax and post-tax return calculated?

I am looking at the lectures about advanced investments and in the first lecture of the series, the professor mentions, To increase the return without bearing more risk one has to invest with pre-tax ...
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Why is there inconsistency in WACC vs unlevered return?

To evaluate an enterprise we can discount free cash flow by either the unlevered required rate of return or the WACC. With Tax we have: $WACC=R_e \frac{E}{E+D}+R_f\frac{D}{E+D}(1-t)$ where $R_e$ is ...
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Simulating Taxed Equity Return Series (U.S.)

I'm looking to learn how to correctly simulate taxes on dividends and capital gains on simulated return series for U.S. Equities with dividend reinvestment. I understand I will have to keep track of ...
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