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Is LEI and Bloomberg Ticker one to one mapping. How about LEI, Bloomberg Ticker, Bloomberg ID, ISIN and CUSIP?

I am working on a project and need to map different IDs. Is LEI and Bloomberg Ticker one to one mapping? I can use Bloomberg formular =BDP(A1,"LEGAL_ENTITY_IDENTIFIER") to convert ticker &...
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How to identify active vs inactive ISINs?

Background I understand that through the work of ANNA and GLEIF, the relationships between ISINs and their respective LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) are now more accessible. GLEIF API Lookup To lookup ...
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Find current and historic (15 years) delistings in the US stock market

I wonder if there is any source for the following information concerning stock delistings in the US stock market: date and stock symbol of the delisting (required) covers at least 15 years history (...
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Where to download list of all US OTC stocks

Where can I download a complete list of US OTC stocks? only has lists of exchange-listed stocks, not OTC stocks. There is FINRA's OTC Symbol ...
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Option symbology with reuters DSWS

I am trying to systematically extract option data at a certain date based on the underlying. Input: interchangeably ISIN/RIC/Mnemonic Output: list of underlying symbols, preferably mnemonics. I am ...
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Historical component changes of EURO STOXX 50 index

I would like to download the historical component changes of EURO STOXX 50 index to conduct an academic research. That is, I would like to know the historical changes to the composition of these ...
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