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Credit Spread, Transition Matrix

Consider a credit rating system consisting of three credit states, A, B and D (default) with the following annual credit transition probability: T = [0.7 0.2 0.1;0.2 0.5 0.3; 0 0 1]. For a company ...
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Mapping FICO score to PD or Moody's Rating

I need to analyze the risk of a fund with various types of credits, such as consumer, student, and real estate. These categories all have FICO credit scores. I need to assess the risk of the fund ...
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Evaluating Fama French 3 factor model Using Fama Macbeth

Hi Can someone please explain me how the cross sectional calculation can be done. For an example, I'm having a vector like this. Vector 1: This is the vector where all the excess returns for n ...
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Three-state Markov Chain: Credit rating question

Consider a credit-rating system, with two solvency states (A & B) and a default state (D), and assuming recovery rate and interest rate are 0%. The one year credit spread for an A-rated company ...
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Developing Markov Transition Matrix

I’m working with historical credit performance data and would like to build a transition matrix to predict defaults and delinquencies. I can model the transition between states (ie current - ...