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Volga Vanna Pricing Approach

So when using this method to price exotic options , it's stated that we need to calculate the vanna (how vega changes with respect to change in spot prices) of the exotic option and the volga ( how ...
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10D quotes for FX volatility smile calibration

When calibrating fx smile using SABR and Vanna Volga, Are 10D-RR and 10D-BF used? Or 25D and ATM quotes are used only? If 10D is used, which currency pairs use 10D quotes? If I use 10D quote for ...
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Implied vs. Realized Vanna in Risk Reversal

I am trying to understand how to build an implied-to-realised Vanna trade using a risk reversal, as shown in the Hull's paper: I have some ...
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Incorporating 10-delta RR and BFLY market quotes into Vanna Volga pricing

I am looking into pricing FX options using the Vanna Volga method. I am aware of the commonly referenced shortcomings of this approach and the superiority of SLV, still it is something I want to do. ...
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Vanna-Volga consistency result

In the Vanna-Volga (VV) paper by Castagna and Mercurio they state that, once you build up a curve of prices by interpolating-extrapolating on $K$, you can recover the same exact curve by redefining ...
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