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The Vasicek model is a 1-factor short-rate model.

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Bond-price dynamics in the Vasicek model

Hello I am studying about interest rate modeling There is one good source about Vasicek (link: However there is one equation that I try but unable ...
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Vasicek model: joint simulation with discount factor

In Vasicek model, we have the following relation to get Discount factors given the value of short rate: $$P(t\,,T)={{e}^{A(t,T)\,-\,B(t,T){{r}_{t}}\,}}$$ So, Discount factors are known as soon as we ...
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Vasicek short rate: Risk-neutral measure into real-world measure

I consider the Vasicek model under the risk-neutral measure $\mathbb{Q}$: $$ dr_t=\kappa(\theta−r_t) dt+\sigma dW^{\mathbb{Q}}_t.$$ I have already determined $$\mathbb{E}^{\mathbb{Q}}\left[e^{−\int\...
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Obtaining the dynamics of the Vasicek model using Itô

Consider the following expression for the short-term interest rate $$r_t=r_0 e^{\beta t}+\frac{b}{\beta}\left(e^{\beta t}-1\right)+\sigma e^{\beta t}\int_0^te^{-\beta s}dW_s \tag{1},$$ which is ...
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How to find the transition distribution functions of these two processes?

What are the transition distribution (or density) functions of processes defined by $dX_t=\mu dt +\sigma dW_t$ and $dX_t= \theta(\mu-X_t) dt +\sigma dW_t,$ where $\theta>0$, $\mu$ is a real ...
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Pricing a zero with Vasicek model

I'm trying to understand bond pricing with the Vasicek interest rate model. I'm using McDonald's book for this purpose (not homework). Recall that Vasicek dynamics are \begin{equation*} \mathrm{d}...
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