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how to interpolate and extrapolate the local volatility surface?

Local volatility can be computed in terms of call prices using Dupire's formula. Assume we have a rectangle call price surface, let's say $I = [30,60]\times[1 day, 1year]$. For interpolation, should ...
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Dividend adjustment on SABR formula for interpolating implied volatility

We are using a SABR model to interpolate the implied volatility surface. The model yields a formula for implied volatility that contains the following term: $\ln \left(\frac{K}{F}\right)$ It is ...
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spline Interpolation on volatility surface not smooth

I am testing spline interpolation for volatility surface with Matlab griddedInterpolant function with spline as interpolation and extrapolation method. Here is the original data I used to do ...
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Interpolation of SVI Implied Volatility in parameter space

I am currently working with a slice-wise SVI parametrisation of the implied volatility surface. $\sigma^2(x,t) = a_t + b_t (\rho_t (x - m_t) + \sqrt{(x - m_t)^2 + \theta^2})$ Does anyone have ...
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