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thank you for your help and I have asked the help desk from Bloomberg and solve it. The problem is I have spelled the volatility wrongly to volativity. Again, thank you for all your help.


WCV is a helpful starting point for rates / FX / vols. For "interpolated/extrapolated" rates (not necessary for all tenors), you can try CRVF (curve finder) and then pick currency and appropriate curve.


Look on the BTMM page for the respective countries (the country can be changed with the dropdown menu). Hover your mouse over the rate for which you are interested and a window will pop up with the ticker.


I believe FWCM <GO> will give you what you want (Forward Curve Matrix). You can select a curve and then get the forwards by Tenor and Start Date. Or use the BCurveStrip and BCurveFwd in Excel.

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