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How to Correctly Price Currency Forwards/Futures

You seem to be a bit confused on the multiple different definitions (formulae 1 - 3). Let me give you a better one: $$ 4) \qquad F_t = S_0 \frac{v_t}{w_t} $$ where $S_0$ is the immediate currency ...
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Is it possible to exchange one stock for another without cash as an intermediary?

Your second and third question seem quite unrelated to your text and the first question. It's also not really clear to me what you're after here. Regarding your first question, two reasons are: This ...
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Why does the EUR/USD exchange rate is in fact USD/EUR from a mathematical point of view? Why finance does not use the mathematical notation?

(1) Suppose 1 EUR = 1.08 USD. Here, EUR and USD are units of measure in que value dimention. (2) Dividing by USD, EUR/USD = 1.08,...
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