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First please keep in mind that EUR (and GBP) are quoted "cable". So if the USD EUR exchange rate is quoted as 1.1, for example, that means that (quotation or countercurrency) USD 1.1 = (base currency) EUR 1. Most other currencies are quoted the other way, so if the USD CHF rate is 1.1, that means CHF 1.1 = USD 1. An investor is "long" an option means ...


The ATM is an outright position (long 50 delta put and 50 delta call) so the main exposure is vega. It is the riskiest of the three, and demands a higher bid-offer spread from market makers to compensate them for the additional risk. The RR is a spread position (long 25 delta call, short 25 delta put) with zero vega, the main exposure is skew. Because the ...

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