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You can also check for Real-time Fx and Stocks API. APIs works for requests, WebSockets works for Real-Time connection.


Simply put, Russian banks (and other institutions) had local assets and hard-currency liabilities. Local assets lost value not only because they were denominated in a currency that unexpectedly depreciated by a lot, but also the equities market crashed, and a lot of the corporate debt defaulted following the government default (local-currency debt). Hard-...


Firstly, it's highly likely you would be trading either futures or forwards so your only concern is funding your margin at your FCM/PB (e.g. see CME) Why you would convert USD to EUR, I dk. Secondly, you should be calculating your PNL at EOD back to your 'base' currency (which seems to be USD from your post). Related to the above, it's common simply to hold ...


Try the BIS Triennial FX Survey, latest was last year. E.g.,9:TO1 (table showing "OTC foreign exchange turnover by instrument, counterparty and maturity in April 2019, "net-net" basis") EDIT: you could also try

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