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Questions about handling, obtaining, generating, or analyzing all types of financial or economic data. Please use a more accurate tag if possible; for instance: tick-data, fundamentals, market-data, option-data, ticker-mapping, etc.

This is a generic tag, but it is better to use a more accurate tag like:

  • historical-data for questions related to obtain a long history of data.
  • market-data for questions related to market prices (open, high, low or close) and volumes, adjusted or not.
  • fundamentals for balance sheet related data.
  • tick-data for tick by tick, high-frequency or intraday data.
  • option-data for data related to option prices (or implicit volatilities or any other Greek or sensitivities).
  • index-data for composition of indexes.
  • ticker-mapping for questions related to tickers, RICs, Bloomberg codes, etc.