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If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, I have found a combination of Google Sheets + Yahoo Finance URLs to be relatively easy to implement. Here's an example you could try yourself. Let's say you have a stock ticker, "AAPL" in cell A1. =INDEX(IMPORTHTML( CONCATENATE("", A2,"?p=",A2,"&.tsrc=fin-srch") ,"table"...


Another great API is this one : You can use the API key after having registered and fetch valuable data on equity tickers. There is a comprehensive documentation on the alphavantage's website which will definitely help. I post this url as well, which describes thoroughly the process for a beginner: https://medium....


You've got the usual suspects. I'd add in Worldscope, now owned by Refinitiv.


The problem: you do not know the correct ticker that Alpha Vantage can take. The solution: Use the search endpoint to find the ticker. Let's say we want to find the correct ticker for Tsingtao Brewery listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai: Search for the ticker:


Quandl is free for end-of-data data and of very high quality, but intraday is paid. If you need free intraday data (1-minute or 1-hour intervals) you can try firstratedata has the highest quality tick-by-tick intraday data but is very expensive and needs to be purchased separately for each ticker symbol.


For VIX and VVIX you can try FirstRate Data which has 1-minute bars going back 5 years

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