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Assume that the value of the sample path of the geometric Brownian motion equals $10$ at time $t_0$ and equals 100 at time $t_0 + \Delta t$. For the value to change from $10$ to $100$, the path should necessarily go over all the values between $10$ and $100$ (possibly with fluctuations) during the intermediate time $\Delta t$; it cannot jump directly from $...


You can construct some financial ratios, such as P/E Ratio or P/B. P/E Ratio P/E Ratio stands for Price/Earnings. As Price you can use the market value of equity and for Earnings the Total Net Profit from firm's Income Statement. Equivalently, you can divide both measures with the outstanding shares. This way P/E Ratio stands for Stock Price/EPS. An ...


Any number of reasons...between vendors, could be small pricing discrepancies, calc differences, etc. Within a given system, it's likely attributable to update frequency. I've seen some providers with data published that was months old. Per the comments, looks like this falls into that camp. When in doubt, download returns and do the calculations ...

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