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Yes If forward is lower than the forward you can get via the strategy of shorting the underlying and investing the proceeds , then do that strategy and simultaneously buy forward and voila youve locked in profits :)


I do not like foreign and domestic. It frequently causes confusion, also by people who work in the market (@Ethan S, you use what is widely used, so excuse my rant). I decide to demonstrate with GBPUSD (CCY1CCY2); GBP is foreign, USD domestic since it's quoted in units of domestic currency per unit of foreign currency. In other words, if S=1.4, one needs 1.4 ...


I don't think there are any accurate Json provider of that, as the exchange rate is moving so fast and it can only be achieved either by a paid plugin or by fetching it from a trusted source that allows it or you can take approval to use their rate by just sending an email. following are good rate providers that are updated very frequently almost every ...

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