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Recommended Setup for QuantLib-Python AmortizingFloatingRateBond

A few things before creating the bond: 1) You can delegate to the library the calculation of the dates. Your code is equivalent to: ...
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Is the "$\textit{theoretical}$" $DV01$ of a bond an accurate estimate?

Question 1: Not that often, usually finite difference is use to compute it (bump and reprice). See for example this complete step by step explanation of Bloomberg's DV01 computation in SWPM. ...
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How to use exp(-r*t) to calculate tbill price

It's just a quote convention that likely comes from tradition before computers were prevalent. Calculating a "yield" from simple addition and multiplication/division is easier to do without ...
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Calculating spread on a par rate curve given bond’s coupon and yield

Z-Spread or OA-Spread (with no optionality) In Python's rateslib you can make the following calculation: Define a bond and a <...
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Is the "$\textit{theoretical}$" $DV01$ of a bond an accurate estimate?

A few thoughts: At time $t$, in this setup, price and yield to maturity (which I assume we're talking about as there's no time "attached" to $y$) are "equivalent" in the sense ...
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Securities lending vs repo transactions

Repo and Reverse Repo transactions are basically collateralized loans. As with any loan, the interest can be quoted as a fixed percent, or a spread to a reference rate. In a Repo transaction, one is ...
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Get bonds data in python

For US treasuries, provides a rest API: For corporates and everything else, you need either Bloomberg ...
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How do you interpret this data about corporate bonds?

Based on the given data, you are quite bullish on the short-term bonds, moderately bullish on the medium-term bonds, and bearish on the longer time duration bonds. Since the portfolio spread is wider ...
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