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Unfortunately there is no information available to do this. You might be able to infer some brief bid-ask spread data from consecutive transactions that have are very tightly spaced time-wise but have a price variance, but this is would only be relevant for that particular short time period, unless you really do have an extremely liquid instrument.


AAPL.O maps to AAPL US Equity (composite) or AAPL UW Equity ( Nasdaq NSM) thats stright common stock but what about preferred stock ? HWM_p.A maps to EP051790@SAM2 Pf or Unit trust ? PHGE_u.A maps to PHGE/U UA Equity or exchanges where Refintiv dont use the exchnage symbol FEDq.L maps to FEDS LI Equity Futures the comanies have different policies on when ...


As far as I know, you cannot download data for any of the stock indices via Alphavantage. You have to resort to an ETF for intraday data, eg. DIA is an ETF that tracks the Dow Jones index.


If you have a list of tickers that you are interested in (which can be collected very easily), then you can use the TDAmeritrade API to collect this data. Although, non-US company data may be limited. Market cap is available for almost all companies from my experience, though.

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