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The original Kelly criterion handles a binary outcome under a log utility. Generalization to multiple, including continuous, outcomes and any other utility is straightforward. A discussion of available options with numeric examples is given, for example, in this book. An important thing to realize is that the optimal betting depends on your utility (aka ...


If you need this for educational purposes only, you can basically get all you need from reading papers. For example, Asian options are not always cheaper than their plain vanilla counterparts. Risk or return details may be something for retail investors due to regulation like priips but no desk will usually provide this when you request a quote (RFQ). If you ...


As @noob2 noted, nobody is going to quote you a price unless you're a customer. And when I say "customer", I mean "customer of the desk", not just of the bank. Would require an ISDA covering the specific product area + some commitment to minimum 'spend' with that business line.

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