-S.06.02.02 does not exits because the anual code S.06.02.01 is reused for the quarterly reporting. Note that there are not changes in comparison with anual table structure. -S.06.02.03 does not exits for day 1. Note that this last ".03" means Day 1 Solo. The idea of the codification is to reuse (when possible) the same codes as far as the table structure ...


Your link refers to a paper that compares the Standard Formula (prescribed approach to SII calculations) and Internal Models (where companies apply to use their own approach for deriving capital requirements). It is an old paper (2009). My suggestion would be to start by taking a look at the latest Technical Specs (30th April 2014) and navigate any ...


I looked at the ITS, and can't find any reference to those templates. I suppose they got lost in some reshuffling.

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