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Take a look also at HistData.Com, they have both 1 minute data (which I use) as well as Tick Data. It is free or very inexpensive depending on the method of downloading you choose.


In this situation I'd do some form of linear interpolation. A numerically simple example: assume EURUSD at 11:00 is 1.5000 and at 11:01 it is 1.5060, therefore each second EURUSD increases by 0.0001. Presumeably with your tick-by-tick data you have a timestamp, so say at 11:00:30 asset X is 100 EUR and at 11:00:30 EURUSD can assumed to be 1.5030 ( 1.5 + 30 ...


American companies financials is generally straight from the securities authority responsible for free, it is easy to create your own api for USA stuff free and easily available, the share price data is also freely available from the exchanges direct, Nasdaq , NYSE etc.Not so Australia, the ASX has a strangle hold on all data and charges like a wounded bull ...

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