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Exchange redirecting order

The answer to your first question is YES. Under the Regulation National Market System (Reg NMS) -> Order Protection Rule, exchanges are required to execute your order against all other exchanges ...
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Do perpetual futures have initial and variation margins?

There is definitely a concept of initial margin on crypto exchanges. It is the way they can liquidate you on a leveraged position and 'guarantee' to remain solvent. At most places your IM amount at ...
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Why there is a Deviation on my RSI indicator in comparison from one of the other Trading Markets

One technique I've used to narrow down differences in methodology by the various trading platforms is to use IPOs (starting at the IPO date), this way I am guaranteed that there is no historical data ...
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Purpose of Vega Hedging

Doing away with jargon for a bit, it is wise to hedge every risk factor present in your portfolio. Implied vol is one of them, just like the spot.
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Purpose of Vega Hedging

It depends on the strategy. The position seller suffers a lot from vega. He can try to balance the portfolio but it unbalances the delta gamma hedge. It also depends on the time until maturity. If you ...
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