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A decent model to calculate hedges

Certainly! The Black-Scholes model, while pioneering and foundational, is based on several simplifying assumptions that might not hold in the real world. One of its main assumptions is that volatility ...
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Does anyone know of an equivalent to trader test?

There are multiple tools on Next to fixed tests and company tests (Flow Traders math test, Optiver 80 in 8), they also have a customisable math practice tool, so you can just ...
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Does anyone know where to practice mental math for trader interviews in MC format?

Check out It helped a lot with my Optiver 80 in 8, it was very accurate.
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Options market making process (step-by-step)

It's not clear from the question, but there are two scenarios: 1/ you have an actively traded and well-established options market in which you're going to get involved as a new participant and take on ...
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How does unwinding of long BTC futures positions prevent further downside risk/decrease in prices of BTC/Crypto?

I think you misread the article. It says the unwind of BTC long positions is nearing its end. Meaning, less selling. Therefore market will stop going down. Nothing more than that. Edit based on ...
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