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Market makers provide liquidity to the market by quoting bid and ask prices for most of the time. The pricing in absolute terms is not as important as finding relative mispricing. The market microstru…
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A type of stochastic volatility model developed by associate finance professor Steven Heston in 1993 for analyzing bond and currency options. The Heston model is a closed-form solution for pricing opt…
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For questions citing or requesting references to academic and/or professional research.
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The process of determining the price - the value - of an asset.
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also called 'econophysics' is the application of statistical tools to the study of financial markets data.
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The process of using a computer program to place orders to trade securities in financial markets. Typically, these trades are made in exchange-traded instruments, such as listed equities, options, an…
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a difference between two prices or yields. Bid-ask spreads reflect that the most competitive buyers and sellers want to trade an asset at different prices. Yield spreads reflect a differen…
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Credit Default Swap or CDS - a type of swap which purpose is transferring the credit exposure of fixed income products between parties. It works like an insurance policy, where protection buyer who m…
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A measure of the degree of linear association between a pair of random variables.
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The calculated approximation of a result which is usable even if input data may be incomplete or uncertain.
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