I am a chemical engineer.

I have got a PHD in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. I teach Mathematics, Computational Methods, Financial Economics and Econometrics for economists.

Some years ago, I co-authored a book about Statistics applied to Finance and Economics (in Portuguese).

I am well versed in scientific programming, numerical methods, econometrics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithm theory. I also have some knowledge of OOP and design patterns.

I learnt how to program in Pascal and Fortran. I also programmed in the past in OX and SAS. I admire the way SAS deals with large databases, but I do not like programming in it.

I have some experience in C++, JAVA, Matlab and Python. I really enjoyed programming in JAVA and I love programming in Python.

Although I had some real world experience in PHP, I consider myself a beginner. I worked few times with R (to run very specific things such as Negative Binomial regression of Type II), but I honestly I never liked the way it structures the things.

Although I am not very frequent, I really love this site!