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Mike Engmann is co-founder and an owner of Engmann Options, Inc. (1978); PreferredTrade, Inc. (1982); MDNH Trading, Inc. (1989); and Sage Clearing Corporation (1980) which was acquired by ABN AMRO Inc. in May 1998. PreferredTrade, Inc. was acquired by Fimat in May 2005.

One of the pioneer market-makers in the Pacific Stock Exchange’s options program, Engmann began working as an options trader in 1976. Recognizing the need for a West Coast based clearing company that provided superior service and advanced technology, Mr. Engmann co-founded Sage Clearing Corporation in 1980. Two years later, capitalizing upon Sage’s proprietary technology and Engmann Options’ trading expertise, he co-founded Preferred Capital Markets, Inc., a broker-dealer providing research and trade execution services for stocks and options on an agency basis. In 1983, Mike and Doug began investing in real estate when Engmann Options purchased an initial real estate portfolio. MDNH Partners, a broker-dealer that allocates investment capital among affiliate options traders, was formed in 1989 to allow private parties to invest in the business of market-making, heretofore closed to outsiders.

With the 2001 acquisition of Revere Data, LLC, Mr. Engmann took the helm as Chairman & CEO of what was then SectorData, a domestic financial and market data company. He grew the company into Revere Data, LLC, a global financial and market data company. In 2008, his brother, Doug Engmann joined him. Under the combined leadership of the fraternal Co-Chairmen, the company continued to grow. Together they crafted and pursued a succession strategy that led to an exit to FACTSET in 2013, expanding the value Revere Data would continue to provide its customers. ​ Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Mr. Engmann lives in San Francisco, California, is married to Donna Engmann.

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